Jwaala Celebrates Continued Success in 2015

Austin, Texas, February 17, 2016: Jwaala, a leading provider of mobile and online banking solutions to U.S. financial institutions, today released highlights of a very successful 2014. During that year, 14 credit unions deployed Jwaala products, accounting for 17 total implementations between the company’s Better Online Banking™ and Better Mobile Banking™.

Numerica Credit Union, a $1.4B institution based in Spokane, Wash., already used Jwaala for online banking and decided that it made sense to consolidate online and mobile under one vendor. “Our old mobile vendor’s integration with online banking was limited, so over time, it seemed like we were duplicating a lot of effort to keep everything working,” said KayCee Murray, the credit union’s Assistant Vice President of E-Development. “Moving to Jwaala for mobile enabled us to easily add the features that our members want.” She added that she contacted several of her peers who are using Better Mobile Banking to get their unfiltered feedback before making a final decision.

Technology Credit Union, a $1.8B institution based in San Jose, Calif., developed its own Web-based online banking platform in the early 2000s, but struggled with maintenance in recent years as new technologies emerged. “We pulled together a project team of both functional and technical employees, and evaluated five different platforms,” said Kevin Alsup, the credit union’s Vice President, Information and Administration. “We found that Jwaala is very progressive in terms of the technology they’re using. They’re at the cutting edge, which makes the product easier for us to manage.”

“This was a very exciting year for us,” said Jwaala CEO Andrew Taylor. “We’re committed to creating a frictionless user experience, and our success in 2014 shows that the marketplace has embraced this concept.”